About Goddess Lilith and PrincessLilith.com

Here are some reasons to join!

I am Princess Lilith and you - you are nothing. I am the Superior Female - you are the crap beneath My heels. I've made this website to allow you a glimpse into My life - but also to encouage those that are not worthy to at least attempt to become so. My speciality in in the flesh - I am a lifestyle Femdom and I prefer to engage with My submissives on a more personal basis. So, while I have the odd clip here or there for your enjoyment, the real reason to become a member of My site is that it supports ME - which is all that matters. I want your submission, I demand your loyalty and I want to see you in person. My sessions are legendary and I enjoy them so much that you will - LITERALLY - be begging for them. I insist on it - so join My site, send Me an email (include a gift) and let's make magic happen. Magic meaning, you lick the dirt from my shoes as I stand on top of you.


If you are like most of My devoted, you can't stop thinking about My gorgeous feet. These babies have been in so many male mouths that I'm lucky they haven't been bitten off. It's hard to figure - I have a tremendous body, gorgeous curves and hips, sweet angel face, yet you guys enjoy Me force feeding you the dirt from my bare feet. However, as you might notice I am an all-encompassing practioner of Female Domination so no matter what your kink is, you and I will be having a great time. As long as I get to humiliate you and bend you to My will, we'll get along just fine. God, I love doing this. I love knowing how weak I make you and that you will surrender all of your dignity just to have Me command your brain to do my bidding - it's so much fun!

Now really, one feature of My site should be irrelevant to you - but I'll tell you about it anyway. Let's say your brother with an IQ of 80 comes over while you are logged into My member area looking around. You don't want to share Me with someone like that - and he can't properly appreciate My intelligence like you can. Sure, he'd stare and drool and say "Uh huh huh....She hot" - but honestly, this is between us. You and I. If something like this happens, you have network access to other sites I am affiliated with so that you can browse around and look at other girls - knowing the whole time that you would never, EVER leave me. When the halfwit goes home, you'll come back to Me - And we can return to what we were doing. You didn't really LIKE those other girls, did you?

This is the time and the place to show your devotion to Me. See that button down there? It says Join Now! Does that look like a request? It means what it says - JOIN NOW! It doesn't say think about it - It doesn't say come back when your wife isn't watching. If you want Me, this is what I need you to do. And really, this is what's best for both of us.